Hoffman Woodward
view from back of garden with free-range chickens &
lean-to greenhouse draped in bamboo shade cover


more plants
two year old bays in tin can pots wrapped with david’s favorite bay recipe


Hoffman Woodward
young fall crops by clay forcers, romaine gone to seed & scarlet runner beans


our lathe turned dibbers for planting seedlings, seeds and bulbs – $24.


Hoffman Woodward
oilcloth haversack, david’s favorite manbag – $34.


we offer all sorts of twine and cord for various uses around home and garden


Hoffman Woodward
always a good selection of pots, topiary and tools
we offer to you the tools we most like using


sink II
we offer appropriate faucets in naturally aged brass

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Hoffman Woodward is © Copyright 2024 Photos by Helen Norman